About Us

Who are we?

We have been providing innovative Renewable Energy solutions around Australia since 2008. We are passionate about helping our clients gain energy independence while saving money, energy and the environment.


What do we offer?

Specialising in solar energy (PV & thermal) and geothermal, we offer full Engineering, Procurement & Construction services, including On & Off-grid, community and district energy systems. 

Our highly qualified and uniquely experianced team sets us apart from 'just another corner solar company'. We have strong engineering roots on both medium and large projects, including some of the country's largest and iconic constuction projects. Our skills are diverse across a range of disciplines with a very strong energy efficiency and renewable energy ethic.

"We understand the science"

We possess a solid understanding of the of the engineering principles of electrical, power-electronics, photo-voltaic and thermodynamics, underlying the design of geothermal, solar, co-generation and/or energy recovery systems.

Our extensive industrial and process control background with PLC & SCADA systems means that we are naturally conversant with monitoring and control systems, their communications and IT technologies.

We offer an exceptional range of energy saving solutions and are able to tailor-design coordinated customer-specific systems. We are regularly challenged to identify ways of improving energy efficiency, managing demand or opportunities for harvesting energy from previously unrecognised or wasted sources. Installed professionally and competitively priced, assuring years of trouble-free performance.


What do we stand for?

At Metpro Green Energy, we have a simple approach to our position in the market place.

"We create energy saving investments."

From system design through to financing, assisting with grant submissions, rebate paperwork, installation and follow up - our total package guarantees high quality installation and on-going support.

The Australian energy market is undergoing substantial reform and restructuring, necessitated in part by the regulatory environment, emission policies, network demand stresses, embedded generation and investment returns as well as area-specific challenges such as bush-fire resilience. We are rapidly moving away from the “last century model” of the remote, “mainframe” inefficient coal power station with massive one-way “super highway” transmission systems to a more distributed network of smaller, embedded and “greener” generation sources also with distributed energy storage.

The networks will become smarter, acting as an energy balancing network rather than the highways of today. Energy security will be enhanced while also enabling greater participation of consumers. Electric Vehicles (EVs) will likely play a major role in the energy storage mix. The rapid pace particularly of solar and storage development with even more spectacular cost reduction trends, is adding certainty to these outlooks. At Metpro Green Energy, we not only clearly understand these patterns, but also possess considerable multidisciplinary expertise in these newer technologies to fully embrace them.


What is our approach?

Our professional approach has earned us long term trusting relationships with both commercial and domestic clients. We think outside the square and believe "almost anything is possible – it's simply another engineering project". We build on experience, both locally and internationally, but are not bound by only doing things the way “it's always been done”. We believe in technology divergence - not restricted to a single discipline or skill set. And equally embrace technology convergence, brought about by broader capabilities of many new systems or products, where applicable.

This approach is integral to our Company culture and operational philosophy.


Our future

Metpro Green Energy is continually sourcing innovative technologies that are environmentally responsible and financially viable. Whether a new installation or a maintenance contract, our experience and vision enables us to assess, recommend and provide systems quickly, competently and cost effectively. The entire MGE team takes pride in delivering fast efficient solutions to energy needs, delivering an uncompromising and professional level of workmanship. Regular training, participation in industry conferences and professional accreditation advancement ensure MGE staff and contractors maintain their edge by remaining up to date with new products and technologies to best serve our customers.

While it is often understood that Australia is blessed with receiving the highest solar energy levels on the planet, we, as a nation, have been spectacularly laggard in harvesting the benefits, instead being distracted by legacy agendas or interests. At MGE, we are committed to help correct this absurdity. If it can be embraced even in sub-arctic regions, it can certainly be achieved and enhanced here.


Our commitment

We are committed to providing the highest quality products, installation and service. 

Our alpine geothermal and alpine solar projects have become almost legendary, having gained widespread recognition for innovation and effective project delivery in challenging project environments.

The MGE business philosophy commits our whole team to work in a collaborative and productive fashion with our clients achieving optimum business solutions. We invite discussions about specific needs, for which you will find our solutions to be viable, durable and effective.


Our Market

We are Victorian based and service all regions. We will travel to the next suburb or to remote areas using our own aircraft, conveniently located opposite our office, at Moorabbin Airport.

We have a strong interest in Victoria’s alpine regions and have become an authority on alpine energy concepts. We closely follow and study international trends in solar and other renewable energy systems as well as lesser known Cold Climate, thermal storage, ground source heat pumps and District Heating practices.

Current projects include a large scale industrial solar PV proposal (200 kW), medium scale commercial PV plants (10 kW - 100 kW) and renewable energy embedded networks for both commercial and community customers, improving renewable energy based independence with better revenue returns.



Metpro Green Energy is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) member while our highly skilled designers and installers are fully CEC accredited (on & off-grid), (having installed over 1000 systems). All projects are designed and installed to applicable Australian or International Standards.


About the Company

Metpro Green Energy has been providing innovative Renewable Energy solutions around Australia for over 7 years. We are passionate about helping our clients gain energy independence, while saving money, energy and the environment.

Specialising in solar energy (PV & thermal) and geothermal, we offer full Engineering, Procurement & Construction services. On or Off Grid, community & district energy solutions.


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